School and Group Visits

For schools who are learning about Buddhism, a wonderful way to greatly enhance the learning process is to come and visit the Buddhist Centre. This brings to life the children’s understanding of Buddhism and the activities that a Buddhist practitioner might engage in.

The visits are designed to engage children aged 6-11 years old and we can cater up to maximum group size of 40.

Sessions include practical activities such as setting up a shrine, meditation, making offerings, prostrations, drama, listening to a prayer and much more. Time is also made for any questions.

We can offer visits to the Atisha Centre on Wednesday mornings. Visits are usually 1.5 hours long, so 10-11:30am is ideal.

Cost: £40 for up to 90-minute session

To enquire, please send an email including the following information to

  1. School name and address
  2. Contact name and phone number
  3. Number of children
  4. Ages of children
  5. Any topics you would like to be covered in the visit
  6. Any topics the children have already covered in school
  7. Two or three suggested dates (must be Wednesdays)