Wish List

Wish listAtisha Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a non-profit making registered charity (No. 1013466) that is entirely run by volunteers.

At the moment we are wishing for:

  • light shades
  • a4 picture frames
  • paint (white or magnolia)
  • rugs
  • dressing up costumes for the childrens class

Also for our new rooftop garden we are looking for lots of different gardening related items…

  • plant pots (not plastic)
  • the plants themselves – these need to be quite hardy, low maintenance and ones that will not take over.

If you have time, and not items, we always need help with a variety of different activities:

  • painting and decorating
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • building
  • sewing
  • plastering
  • carpentry
  • admin work …
  • … or if you are simply happy to help

All support is gratefully received. If you feel able to help out, get in touch:
email: info@meditationindarlington.org
phone: 01325 365265