Meditation Courses

The following half-day courses are available to attend in person or view via Zoom live stream.

In-person attendance: 

  • price includes refreshments
  • held at Atisha KMC, 81 Victoria Road, Darlington - unless stated otherwise
  • we respectfully request people to wear a face covering until seated in the meditation room, unless you have an exemption.

Live-stream option:

  • Will be live streamed via Zoom and will not be available as a recording - so you'll need to join the live stream at the time of the event.
  • Access link will be at the bottom of your confirmation email and will also be emailed to you one hour before the event begins.

The Healing Power of Mantra                                       

Sat 7th May 10:00am - 1:00pm with Gen Kelsang Chogma

We all need healing, especially during these challenging times. Discover the power of mantra and how you can use it in times of crisis to be of benefit to others and to go deeper and connect with an enlightened power.

Cost: £15.00


Solving Problems Through the Wisdom of Emptiness

Sat 28th May 10:00am-1:00pm with Mike Whitaker

Buddha's revolutionary insights on emptiness, the true nature of things, is a universal panacea that heals our confusion, craving and other painful ways of thinking. This is vitally important on these uncertain times.

Cost: £15.00




Self-Care: A Buddhist Approach

Sat 25th June 10:00am-1:00pm with Gen Kelsang Chogma

Looking after ourselves is an essential foundation for being able to cope with daily life and benefit others. Through practical teachings and and guided meditations, learn how we can address our anxiety and take care of our emotional well being.

Cost: £15.00

Booking coming soon



Take Control of Your Life - Understanding Karma

Sat 16th July 10:00am-1:00pm with Karen Walker

So many of the burning questions we have about life are answered through understanding the law of karma, the relationship between our actions and our experiences. Through understanding and applying the principles of karma we can create the life we long for.

Cost : £15.00

Booking coming soon