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Dissolving Difficulties

Date & Time
Saturday 21st September | 10am-1pm

About the Course

When the difficulties in our life mount up more and more, we all need special methods to help dissolve them away and find the lasting peace and freedom that we are all longing for.

Learn simple methods to be able to reduce and deal with life’s problems using practical solutions that are easy to apply.

This course is suitable for everyone

Using the Mirror of Buddhism

Date & Time
Saturday 19th October | 10am-1pm

About the Course

With Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s latest book “The Mirror of Dharma” and having received the blessing transmission at the International Autumn Festival in Arizona, this course will be a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the incredible meditations and techniques to solve our problems that are explained in this book.

Using the ancient wisdom of Buddhism to solve our modern everyday problems we can learn how to benefit ourself and others and make our life truly meaningful.

This course is suitable for everyone.

Transforming Problems

Date & Time
Saturday 9th November | 10am-1pm

About the Course

What if we had ways to use the problems we face to actually help us!

What if we could transform the difficulties we have into methods to improve ourselves and help others!

There are incredible ways to be able to do just this. These aren’t difficult to learn and apply. Everyone is welcome to learn them, gain experience of them and use them to really start changing our lives for the better.

This course is suitable for everyone

Overcoming Stress

Date & Time
Saturday 7th December | 10am-1pm

About the Course

Everyone suffers from stress and anxiety.
Simple solutions to these crippling emotions will be explained so that you can reduce your worry and stress and enjoy your life so much more.

This course is suitable for everyone

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