Resident Teacher

Resident Teacher Kelsang DragdenKelsang Dragden

Kelsang Dragden is the Resident Teacher at Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Centre, and has been a faithful student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years. He has been ordained as a monk for over ten years.

He is highly respected and recognised for his kind, warm, accommodating heart. Dragden gives profound and practical methods for us to overcome our daily problems permanently. Through applying these teachings we can arrive at a peaceful, happy state of mind, all of the time.

He has a wealth of teaching experience and brings with him boundless enthusiasm and energy, providing an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner.

Dragden teaches meditation classes in Darlington, Durham, YarmBarnard Castle and Middlesbrough, as well as the childrens meditation class, lunchtime classes, workplace meditation sessions, school trips and the more indepth study programmes – the Foundation Programme on Fridays, the Foundation Programme on Sunday mornings and Teacher Training Programme.
Dragden’s classes offer clear, practical advice with warmth and compassion.

The main class he teaches at Atisha Centre, Darlington is on a Tuesday evening, 7.30pm.