Workplace Meditations

Workplace meditation sessionsStressed? Overworked? Frustrated?
Invite a qualified meditation teacher to visit your workplace.

Time to relax…
These short, simple meditation sessions provide easy and clear techniques to help overcome the stresses and strains we encounter during our busy working day. Not only do they allow staff and employees time to relax and unwind, but instructions are given on how to carry this sense of peace back into the workplace or office.
This can improve relationships between collegues and reduce stress and tension to ensure the working environment is harmonious and productive.
A qualified Kadampa Teacher will visit your workplace to explain about meditation and its benefits, as well as guide a meditation. Typical sessions last about 30 minutes, but can be tailored to your needs.
You could also bring your collagues to enjoy a tranquil break here at Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Centre.
Cost: £25 per session plus mileage
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