World Peace Cafe

World Peace Cafe


For everyone to enjoy...

the World Peace Cafe, is open!

Normal opening times are:

Mondays, 11am - 3pm
Tuesdays, 11am – 3pm
Wednesdays, 11am – 3pm

Enter through the front of the building of
Atisha Kadampa Meditation Centre, 81 Victoria Road.

Of course anyone is welcome, (you do not have to be a Buddhist!)
come on in for a cuppa...

Serving fresh coffee, a wide selection of teas and homemade cakes, with plenty of comfy sofas, everyone is welcome to enjoy the friendly and tranquil atmosphere. You could even take your delights up to our beautiful rooftop garden!

Plenty of free off street parking at the rear of our building.


Hot Drinks:
Espresso £1.20
Double espresso £1.40
Americano £1.40
Latte £1.60
Cappuccino £1.60
Mocha £1.60
Hot Chocolate £1.60
Pot of tea for one (regular) £1.20
Pot of tea for two (regular) £2
Pot of tea for one (regular) £1.30
Pot of tea for two (regular) £2.10

Cold drinks:
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice £1.50
Strawberry Flavoured Water 55p
Fruit Cordial 40p

All drinks can be served as take away.


A selection of cakes are always available, e.g:
Toasted tea cake £1.20
Chocolate cake £1.50
Carrot cake £1.10
Lemon drizzle cake £1.50
Cookies 15p

We also have a selection of other snacks:
Go Ahead bar 55p
Eat Natural bar 70p
Milky Way Crispy Rolls 40p
Flapjack 60p
Kettle Chips 45p

We hope you enjoy...

World Peace Cafe

The new World Peace Cafe is run entirely by volunteers.

Fresh coffee for you

Fresh coffee for you

If you would like to get involved in the fun, just call:
01325 365265
or email:


Atisha Kadampa Meditation Centre
81 Victoria Road
For a map click here

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