TuesdaysThursdays, Tuesday mornings, lunchtimes and childrens classes.

Drop-in meditation classes where everyone welcome to come along at any time. You do not have to book, just turn up!

Classes generally consist of guided meditations and teachings to learn
practical techniques to increase energy and enthusiasm in daily life.

Atisha Kadampa Meditation CentreThere is time to ask questions and discuss experiences with other class members. Each class also finishes with light refreshments.

Everyone can benefit from these teachings, taking them on board in what ever way is comfortable for you.

There is no need to book or bring anything, just turn up on the evening, relax, and enjoy the inner peace that meditation brings.

The main class run at Atisha Centre, Darlington is on a Tuesday evening, 7.30pm.

Geshe-la-PortugalEveryone welcome!

Each class is taught by a qualified Kadampa Teacher, and student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

All classes are free to members. To become a member click here.

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