Special Event – Empowerment of Swift Wisdom

Part of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations!

Date & Time:
Sat 21st Oct | 10.30am – 5pm

Atisha Kadampa Meditation Centre
81 Victoria Road, Darlington DL1 5JQ

£25 – includes vegetarian lunch and refreshments

How many people?

About the Course

Swift WisdomReceive the special blessings of Buddha Tara, the embodiment of swift
compassion and wisdom. In this wonderful event it will be fully explained how through the practice of relying upon this enlightened being we can become completely able to help ourselves and others. Tara helps us gain the love and skill we need to swiftly solve our daily problems and be of maximum benefit to those we care about. Everyone is welcome.

For those travelling from a long way away, there is plenty of very good, reasonable accommodation nearby.
Please contact us and we can help to arrange this.

The Teacher
Kelsang Dragden

Resident Teacher Kelsang Dragden

He is highly respected and recognised for his kind, warm, accommodating heart. Dragden teaches profound methods to overcome daily problems, and presents them with a great sense of humour and wisdom.

He has a wealth of teaching experience and brings with him boundless enthusiasm and energy, providing an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner.

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